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Orchard Development - Walnuts Australia (Webster Ltd).

(2384 Tabbita Lane, Goolgowi NSW 2652)

Walnuts Australia (Webster Ltd) is the largest commercial producer of premium quality walnuts in Australia, producing 90 percent of the Australian walnut crop. 

Acar Company completed a three-year orchard development project for Walnuts Australia at their Avondale location from 2014-2016. The project involved boring holes and planting approximately 200,000 walnut trees in addition to ongoing farm maintenance such as de-suckering, training, pruning, and harvesting,

Acar Company also assisted with the establishment of Walnut Australias Leeton Farm by planting 300,000 walnut trees as well as providing services in irrigation maintenance, walnut tree grafting, de-budding, and training.

In addition to the above orchard establishment projects, Acar Company provided services at Walnut Australias Leeton Nursery which included collecting and planting seeds, grafting and pruning as well as services in quality assurance/control and packing at their processing facility in Leeton.

Orchard Development - Agfield Services (Global Ag Properties II Australia Pty Ltd).

(Corner Kidman and Sturt Highways, Darlington Point 2706)

Since 2019, Acar Company has been working closely with Agfield Services & Global Ag Properties II Australia providing services in orchard development.

Acar Company has planted 870 hectares of Almond trees at Huddersfield, Darlington Point. This was approximately 300,000 trees of Nonpareil, Monterey, and Wood Colony variety. 

In addition, Acar Company continues to provide ongoing development services such as installing stakes, guards and ties, pruning, de-suckering, and trimming almond trees.

Orchard Development - Olam Orchards Australia Pty Ltd.

(16705 Sturt Hwy, Darlington Point, NSW, 2706)

Olam Orchards Australia is Australias largest producer of almonds supplying almonds for both the domestic market and over 15 countries worldwide. Olam maintains around 15,000 hectares of almond orchards in Australia.

Acar Company has been working with Olam Australia since 2017 and has since bored and planted approximately 180,000 almond trees at their Kerabury location in Darlington Point. Acar Company continues to supply Olam Australia with a range of orchard development services including machinery operation, irrigation work, de-suckering, spraying, and harvest operations.

Orchard Development - Mandole Orchard.

(339 Lakes Road , Lake Wyangan NSW 2680)

Mandole Orchard was established in 2004 and is a family-owned and sustainably operated almond orchard located in Lake Wyangen NSW. The company grows 455 ha of almonds across several blocks and produces about 700 tonnes of almonds a year.


Acar Company has continued to work with Mandole Orchard since 2016, providing services in orchard development including irrigation work, tying trees, pruning trees, de-suckering, and harvesting. Acar Company has bored holes and planted close to 100,000 almond trees at Mandole Orchards Lake Wyangen location.

Orchard Development - Western Rosella Farming

(11034 Lachlan Valley Way, Hillston N.S.W 2675)

Acar Company worked closely with Western Rosela Farming from 2017-2019. During this period Acar Company bored holes and planted approximately 300,000 almond trees for Western Rosella at their Moora and Wyadra properties. During this two year period, Acar Company provided ongoing orchard establishment services including tree maintenance, tree training, de-suckering, placing stakes and pruning. 

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