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Below is a few testimonials from our clients...

Since 1998, we have happily sourced most of our seasonal labour by contractual agreement with Agri Labour Suppliers. During our peak period, we can employ over 100 people per day, and require some casual labour almost all year around. Agri-Labour Suppliers have been able to provide us with both semi and more skilled personnel who we heavily rely upon during our harvest.

These skilled casual employees are capable of attending to many tasks requiring much skills and expertise including soil preparation, machinery handling, seedling inspecting, advising on harvesting requirements, on-site quality assessments, fruit grading and final product delivery.

Agri Labour has supplied us with a wide range of labour, supplying people for chipping, weeding, picking, tractor and forklift operators. They are able to provide people with highly specific skills ranging from harvest maturity and quality assessors to skilled plant operators and exceptional supervisors.

An outstanding feature of Agri-Labour Suppliers is that they have a core team of employees who are very experienced and can be relied upon to train and supervise the rest of the crew from year to year limiting any succession problems encountered with changing staff.

Agri Labour have continually been able to satisfy our labour demands, especially as our company has grown and changed over the years. We have been very satisfied with the quality of work provided by Agri-Labours team of skilled casual labourers.

 Wendy & Gary Amaro – Directors – Amaland Agco 

Agri Labour Suppliers  came highly recommended to us from other industry like associates.

Agri Labour have been supplying approx. 60 – 70 staff at any one time for various roles including soil preparation, seeding, harvesting, fruit grading, inspecting, monitoring for disease, pruning and implementation of irrigation systems etc.

We now contract with Agri Labour for specific projects and outcomes on our farms. What sets Agri Labours service apart from hiring standard labourers is that they have experienced Primary Product Producers on their team that ensure the quality of the work carried out and they are capable of attending to the important tasks that require real skills and expertise.

This includes advising on requirements for our harvest, soil preparation, seeding environment, inspection of seedlings, plants, examining/ grading fruit through its life cycles to optimise growing conditions and final products etc. Skilled tasks further include identification of pest and disease at an early stage, remedying these problems and advising on improvements for harvesting techniques to minimise damage to crops and spreading of disease.

The management training teams they have in place ensure that even the skilled staff is readily available and competent. The relationship  has now developed to one of common interest and goals for mutual success.

 Robert Logozzo – Director – The Sweet Life

Agri-Labour Suppliers have been our labour contractors for fourteen years.  During this period, they have provided a labour force for a myriad of jobs including machinery operators, vegetable harvesting, rogueing out off-types in hybrid seed production, weed control and seed processing duties.

Attracting quality workers that have a background in primary production is essential and Agri-Labour Suppliers has been very good in this regard.

I can say without hesitation that without this labour force we would have to change our crop mix back to quite basic primary production. Agri-Labour Suppliers is an integral part of our business, and we will continue using them in the future.

Terry McFarlane - Owner - TR&MK McFarlane

 In my role as Field Production Manager with South Pacific Seeds, I have the tasks to grow many different varieties of vegetable seeds which require the use of trained labour due to the specialised and varying tasks that need to be undertaken. These include but are not limited to planting, weeding, rouging (quality control), harvesting, machine operations etc. Our labour requirements vary throughout the year, but Max and his team have been able to supply at times up to one hundred people with the training and skills needed to complete the tasks at hand.

Agri-Labour Supplies have been providing South Pacific Seeds with contract labour services since its inception in 1999. They have always fulfilled their role in a professional and efficient manner each season in the past and for this reason, I will continue to use their services at present and into the future.

Mike Tarr – Field Production Manager – South Pacific Seeds.

Agri Labour Suppliers has been supplying labour to our farms in the south-west region of NSW for at least three years now, and will continue to in the future for a long time to come yet.

Agri Labour supplies 20 to 30 people every day for a week four times per year to our Griffith site to remove spent hens at the end of their laying cycle. At West Wyalong they supply again 20 – 30 people every month for 2 – 3 days at a time to move ready to lay pullets from the rearing farm to their laying houses.

Also on a couple of occasions, Agri-Labour has supplied Labour to remove spent hens from our Corowa site when we have required it.

Pace Farm have been very happy with the service that Agri-Labour Suppliers have given us over the last few years and will continue to use them in the future for all these jobs.

 Matt Lynch – Southern Region Farming Manager – Pace Farm.

"Dear Agri Labour Suppliers, On behalf of our ALS Mixed Touch Team of 2011/12, I would like to thank you for your very generous sponsorship and support during the Summer Touch Competition. We would like to present a thank you plaque to show our appreciation. Our team battled out through the season with a few wins, draws and losses. As each game passed, our strength grew. We were successful in getting into the finals, where we placed 4th. The season was filled with a lot of fun,laughter and friendships. Every player enjoyed it! You are truly appreciated. Thank you again. Elenoa Loseli"

Elenoa Loseli - Captain - ALS Mixed Touch Football Team.