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At Agri Labour Suppliers we understand the importance of health and safety, particularly in the environments that our staff work in, and are committed to a safety strategy that encompasses continuous development.  We believe that people are our most important asset and their health and safety is our first and foremost priority.

To adhere to our high safety standards, all employees, contractors and long term visitors are obliged to take part in online inductions, training and pre-employment education prior to beginning work. This ensures that all staff understand their obligations and are equipped with the necessary safety knowledge and skills to complete their work in the soundest possible manner.

At Agri Labour Suppliers we believe that the well-being of people or people affected by our work is a major priority and must be considered during all work performed on our behalf.

Agri labour suppliers demonstrates this responsibility and commitment to providing a safe workplace through the following actions:

  • Identifying, monitoring and complying with applicable health and safety laws, codes standards and other regulatory obligations.
  • Ensuring health and safety is an integral part of every managerial and supervisory position.
  • Ensuring health and safety is considered in all planning and work activities.
  • Involving our employees in the decision making processes through regular communication, consultation, and training.
  • Providing a continuous program of education and learning to ensure that our employees work in the safest possible manner.
  • Identifying and controlling all potential hazards in the workplace through hazard identification and risk analysis.
  • Ensuring all potential accident/ incidents are controlled and prevented.
  • Providing effective injury management and rehabilitation for all employees.